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The Strotman Wedding - November 28, 2021

Ivette and Jake celebrated their Love on their wedding in Ohio on November 28, 2021. This was my first wedding making a lot of the signage so it was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time making sure all the details were perfect.

Wedding signs really set the tone of your wedding day and they are perfect to welcome your guests. Here is a picture of the wedding welcome sign for their wedding.

The weathered grey board with gold name lettering is subtle yet elegant! I guess you can call it modern and rustic. The florals added to the top of the last name sign is an easy way to dress up a sign if you want to add that extra touch.

You can purchase it here:

Next up was the custom engraved wedding seating chart. I will admit, this was my first seating chart ever and I was so nervous! I had to engrave it TWO times -- that took about 3 hours on the laser machine if you're wondering! Once it's in the laser cutting machine, I just have to pray I will have made no mistakes!

These seating charts are classic and very reliable! They are laser engraved so it can't wash off or wear off over time. You can get the seating charts in frosted or clear acrylic.

Check out the custom wedding seating charts here:

These wedding table numbers complimented the modern acrylic signage of the seating chart and the rustic feeling of the wooden welcome sign! The best of both worlds. We made these clear acrylic table numbers with gold foil vinyl for the table numbers and the word 'TABLE' was engraved.

To add some bling, Ivette decided on a Gold Acrylic Cake Topper! I was so excited to cut out this topper. I mean look at the beauty of the white cake with the elegant cake topper!

If you can't tell, I'm just gushing over these details! Soon I will post the cake toppers and table numbers on etsy so you can buy them too!

Here is a link to check out in a couple weeks to buy them:

This concludes my gushing session over Ivette and Jake's wedding. All of their wedding details were gorgeous and stunning.

Now we prepare for all of our 2022 Weddings!


Jane K.

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