The ALL paper flower wedding

Last year on February 24, 2018, we had the ultimate wedding! Sarah and David requested an all paper flower wedding, and we were honored they choose us for this task. After months of preparing for their wedding, it all came to life at the Gaylord Palms Resort. Everything from their backdrops, to the corsages and centerpieces were 100% PAPER!

At first, it was slightly intimidating to come up with so much material, but we were up for the challenge. Sarah provided us with her style and color scheme, as well as inspiration photos, and we went from there! It was really fun to be able to create each individual paper flower and decor item for their dream wedding.

Their ceremony was held in the rotunda, where our party rentals transformed the space completely! Here is the before:

DURING: (Our hard working family installing the wedding decoration rentals):

And the after:

Did I mention that Sarah and David, including their close family, had all paper flower bouquet, boutonniere and corsages? YEP they sure did!! Check out the fabulous detail put in by Nasi. We put in endless hours to perfect each individual paper flower.

After the ceremony, the bouquets were repurposed as their sweetheart table decor.

Following their ceremony was the reception. Here they used our flower wall rental as their sweetheart table backdrop and our paper flower wedding centerpiece rentals on the tables. And to top it off, we placed special flowers on their cake too!

For cocktail hour, Sarah requested life sized paper flowers to decorate with! Later they were repurposed in the photobooth and general reception space.

Overall, this was our greatest wedding yet! I can't believe it's been an entire year since the two hae married. We would like to thank Eternal Light Photography for showcasing our work and capturing wonderful moments during their wedding.

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