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Paper Flower Succulents

Succulents are becoming super popular! I just opened up pinterest and scrolled for about 5 minutes through succulents for weddings, wall hangings, your kitchen...EVERYWHERE. It was perfect timing for all this inspiration because we assisted design a table scape by Plan It Event Design and Management with paper flowers. So what do you make when succulents are popular and paper flowers are your specialty? PAPER FLOWER SUCCULENTS!

Here is how I made them! Firstly, I made and bought designs from cricut. Then I cut them out on my beloved cricut explore air 2. (It's pretty much the best product to help with this business).

Then you peel them up and sort them into shapes. Take a foam circle sponge and dab it into colored ink.

Then dab the ends of the cut out paper until you cover all ends so they look like this. (Warning: you will get it on your hands, but I promise it washes away.)

Next, roll the ends of the flower on a marker or pen so they fan out.

When you roll all of the petals, you curve them each upwards and stack from largest to smallest. You can either use regular or hot glue, my preference is hot glue.

Keep going!

It helps to push down in the middle and let the glue dry so it stays in place.

And VOILA! You have paper flower succulents!

If you end up making these, please post some pictures! I love looking at all the creative options that are out there.

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