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Hey Y'all! Looks like "blog coming soon" really means "blog coming in 6 months". opps. I could make an excuse, or 5, but realistically, we make time for the things we want! Not that I don't want to blog, because I truly love blogging, but I have been really busy. Heck, I would re-start food blogging if I could but there are only so many hours in life. Notice how I didn't say "so many hours in the day", well that's 'cause I work night shift as a NICU nurse. It's my true passion to help people and working with neonatal babies amazing.

Either way, I'm straying from my point. I am making an official commitment to blog after the majority of our events we have! I want to keep everyone updated on the details of our business and get to know us more through these stories. The first one I am writing about is my wedding. It was a busy yet beautiful day. Below is our first look in the Alfond Inn. The hotel is located in Winter Park, about one block away from the Winter Park Farmers Market.

It was literally the most relieving moment seeing my husband to be. I hadn't seen him since the night before when we had dinner at Lazy moon. The morning of, the girls prepared and did hair/makeup at our house, and Evan was getting ready at his friends air bnb. My house had a lot going on. Between all of the hair and make-up times, last minute decor, my mom and mom-in-law making the bouquets & boutonnieres (which looked amazing), misplacing the wedding bands, oh and all of the RAIN, it was a bit hectic. (However, my hair and make-up was making me like a frickin' godess, thanks to Before the AIsle babes!)

Nonetheless, I needed a hug and a kiss from my fiance. When we arrived to the hotel, the photographer (Kelly Berringer Photography) hid us and then I walked up behind Evan. When I saw him, I obviously broke down crying. I don't know if it was because I was so happy to him, or so upset because I got my makeup all of the collar of his beautiful shirt. Nonetheless, I felt such relief from all the stress and glad to have my babe next to me. Where he belongs.

After some pictures of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, we got a drink and left for the venue. I literally walked into a fairy tale. FAIRY. TALE. Check out these lovely cupcakes from Party Flavor Custom Cakes! On top of that, all of the hand made details came to life. The printed table card numbers, framed seating chart, the Mr&Mrs sign, and of course, the paper flower wall. It gives me great pride that we are the only company in the Orlando area that makes custom paper flower walls for weddings and events. This wedding backdrop behind our sweetheart table was BEAUTIFUL. Can you agree with me on that part? Also, the uplighting by Al Dee Productions truly accentuated the pop up details of the custom made paper flowers on the wall.

We danced the night away, and it could not have been more magical. I still to this day dream about doing it all over again. I LOVED planning my wedding with the help of my great day of planner, Kristin, from Always Eventful Planning. And of course, the help of both my parents who set up all day making it the most amazing and fun wedding.

I hope you enjoyed my story and wedding pictures and my first blog post!

xoxo- Jane K.

More Vendors: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals (Chairs), Krustallos (Dress)

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